The SoftComp Topical Workshop will be held in the James Clerk Maxwell Building of the King's Buildings Campus of the University of Edinburgh located in the beautiful City of Edinburgh. The number of participants will be limited to 70, and the registration fee of £70 covers lunches each day and dinner (2 June), we can also provide accommodation for £55 per night at the University's Pollock Halls Campus. Acceptance of your application will be notified of by 10 April.

The meeting

The rheology of particulate suspensions pose a significantly harder challenge than the rheology of polymers. In the latter case, each chain is constrained by thousands of others, so that a mean-field 'tube' model can offer a credible account. In a suspension, however, each particle is surrounded by only order 10 neighbours, far too few to allow a mean-field treatment. Nevertheless, recent experiments, theory and simulations have made rapid progress. In particular, insights and results are emerging to suggest that it may be possible to unify the description of the rheology of dry granular systems with the rheology of particle suspensions. This meeting aims to introduce and explore this and other recent progress in particulate rheology in a format designed to encourage in-depth exchange of views: each pair of 30 minute talks from leading experts will be followed by 30 minutes of chaired discussion. Speakers from industry will also give their perspective on the relevance of recent advances to practical applications.

There will be no poster session; instead the meeting focuses on in-depth discussion, with each pair of 30-minute talks associated with 30 minutes of discussion facilitated by a chair. We encourage scientists at all levels of their careers to come and join us in this exciting conversation.

The meeting will start with lunch on 1st June, and finish with lunch on 3rd June.


Wilson Poon, Mike Cates, Dimitris Vlassopoulos

Invited speakers include

  • Lucio Isa (Zürich)
  • Jeff Morris (New York)
  • Olivier Pouliquen (Marseilles)
  • Michel Cloitre (Paris)
  • Annette Zippelius (Göttingen)
  • Ludovic Berthier (Montpellier)
  • Michiel Hermes (Edinburgh)
  • George Petekidis (Crete)
  • Itai Cohen (Cornell)
  • Philippe Coussot (Paris)
  • Jin Sun (Edinburgh)
  • Shomeek Mukhopadhyay (Yale)
  • Daniel Bonn (Amsterdam)
  • Simon Davies (AkzoNobel)
  • Francois Peters (Nice)
  • Mark Haw (Strathclyde)
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