Research on sound

Working in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory in London (NPL) and the Belarus National Academy of Sciences, the The School of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Edinburgh has been developing new optical techniques for the measurement of both audible and ultrasonic sound in air and water. The laser Doppler technique is used to measures sound at a fixed point in space and can potentially be used to calibrate other more conventional sound measuring instruments. Particle image velocimetry gives lower resolution whole field sound maps and is being used for example to study sound distributions in and around musical instruments.

NPL is the UK’s national standards laboratory for metrology. Founded in 1900, it has become the world’s leading National Measurement Institute, with over 600 specialists in Measurement Science. For airborne sound NPL provides the primary and secondary standards vital for the accurate use of noise measuring equipment. The laboratory also conducts innovative research to investigate new measurement techniques for sound and noise, utilising existing and emerging technologies and working in collaboration with educational establishments such as The University of Edinburgh, who are sponsoring this exhibition.

Sound clips

Binaural recording of a street in Old Delhi. This should be listened to through headphones for full effect.

Sounds of bubbles in water measured with a hydrophone

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