The Wonders of Star Formation

A tribute to Hans Zinnecker

This meeting will celebrate the many and varied contributions that Hans Zinnecker has made to the study of star formation during his long and active career, and the inspiration that working with Hans has given countless astronomers both young and old.  Understanding how stars form continues to be one of the most compelling problems in astrophysics, and a new generation of instruments is set to maintain the excitement of this field into the foreseeable future. We will explore the key observations, theories, their contradictions and limitations and the steps being taken to overcome them, in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where Hans was a postdoc 35 years ago. The aim will be to chart the progress that has been made since then, to identify the problems that still need to be addressed, and how best to go about solving them. We hope you will join us and help make this a memorable meeting.

This meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.  To register and submit an abstract, follow the registration link on the left-hand menu.  We are, however, limited to 150 participants and will accept the first 150 registrants.  If anyone would like to contact the organisers, they can do so using wonders [at]   (It appears that we have not been receiving the emails sent to the conference email address.  It is now working again, but we are still chasing up missing information.  If you have sent an email to this conference email address and are concerned that it might not have got through, please send it again.  You can also contact Ant Whitworth (Anthony.Whitworth [at] and/or Ken Rice (wkmr [at]

Scientific Organising Committee:

Ant Whitworth (Chair), Ken Rice (deputy Chair), John Bally, Ian Bonnell, Cathie Clarke, Mark McCaughrean, Bo Reipurth, Dimitri Stamatellos, Steffi Walch, and Hal Yorke.

Local Organising Committee:

Lyndsey Ballantyne, Ken Rice

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