An advanced Course in all aspects of neutrino physics

(Incorportaing Particle Physics in the Universe Today, a public understanding of Science Event)


This year marks the 50 th anniversary of the discovery of the neutrino. Today, neutrinos are very important in many areas of modern physics. They provide the best evidence for physics beyond the standard model, and are proving to be an invaluable tool in astrophysics and cosmology. There are likely to be a number of new results in the near future (MINOS, MiniBooNE, AMANDA, SNO, CNGS, neutrinoless double beta decay, astrophysical and cosmological measurements) that will provide fertile territory for new scientific discoveries.

This was therefore an opportune time for a summer school to explore all aspects of neutrino physics, providing an essential grounding for young graduate or postdoctoral researchers working in this exciting field.

Lectures at the School included experimental, phenomenological and theoretical developments. Additionally, there were opportunities for participants to discuss their own research and present posters. There were opportunities for discussion and exposition, with participants (both students and lecturers) able to discuss the contents of the lectures and related issues throughout the school.

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