Monday 11th:  Travel

Tuesday 12th: Workshop, reception at Ardbeg Distillery from 18.00

Wednesday 13th: Workshop, social activity in afternoon after lunch

Thursday 14th: Workshop, dinner at Old Kiln Cafe (Ardbeg Distillery) from 18.00

Friday 15th: Travel

The detailed agenda is on the Edinburgh Indico page, Talks will be 30' with an additional 15' allocated for discussion.

This forward-looking workshop is planned to investigate new strategies - both in experiment and theory - that are mandatory to make full use of the expected high precision of future data. Therefore we would like to address some of the following questions:

CP violation and mixing:

  • What theory precision can be achieved in the mixing observables $\Delta M_q$, $\Delta \Gamma_q$ and $a_{\rm sl}^q$?

  • How precise should we measure time-dependent CP asymmetries, such as $\phi_s$ and $\sin 2\beta$? Do we have a handle on penguin pollution?

  • Should penguins be taken into account in model independent NP searches?

  • Are there connections between mixing and rare decays in NP models?

  • What can we learn from direct CP violation in $B \to hhh$ decays?

  • Is there CP violation in up type quarks?

Rare decays:

  • What rare decays beyond $B \to K^\star \mu \mu$ are interesting?

  • What are the prospects in radiative and hadronic penguin transitions, such as $B_s \to \phi \gamma$, $B \to VV$ decays, Triple products, Baryon decays?

  • What theory precision can be achieved in rare decays?

  • Are there connections between $\Delta F = 1$ and $\Delta F = 2$ decays?

  • Should NP fits be done in combination with more observables? e.g. inclusion of $\Lambda_b \to \Lambda \mu\mu$, but also more general flavour observables

NP searches:

  • Is the assumption of having only NP in $M_{12}$ but not in $\Gamma_{12}$ still reasonable for bounds on NP in mixing?

  • Do we need to start thinking about NP in tree level decays?

  • What does model building tell us?

  • What about lepton flavour violation?

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