The fourth Global Space Traffic Management workshop took place in Edinburgh on August 26-29, 2019.

This was the fourth in what has become an annual series of events that bring together invited groups of international participants with expertise in the range of topics that relate to the development of a global system for Space Traffic Management (STM).

The inaugural workshop in 2016 undertook a tour d'horizon to identify the range of such topics, yielding a report - "The case for a commercial/civil space traffic management capability" - that set the agenda for subsequent discussions. The 2017 workshop adopted a different approach, walking through a satellite operations scenario - from launch to orbit - to elucidate what information (in whose possession) about it would be required for effective space traffic management, while the third workshop focussed on two aspects of the general problem, namely the network of data resources needed to support STM and the regulatory framework within which STM capabilities must operate.

This fourth workshop extended the regulatory theme by story-boarding a GEO debris collision scenario that will form the basis for a series of "Space Law Games". These are intended to provide the legal analogue to the operations scenario from the 2017 workshop, by walking through the legal processes that would follow a debris collision event. 

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