69th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics

St. Andrews
19th August - 1st September 2012


SUSSP69 Poster Evening

SUSSP69 logo.JPG

The poster evening will be held on Wednesday 22nd August, 7.30pm to 9.00pm in University Hall. Wine will be provided for all poster session participants.

All summer school students are invited to present a poster.  Prizes will be awarded!

You have two choices for your poster, either a poster about your research or an Outreach Poster aimed at the general public:

  • A poster about your research should be set at a suitable level for your fellow summer school participants.
  • An Outreach Poster should explain your research, or another aspect of particle physics, at a level suitable for the general public.  Outreach Posters will also be displayed at the schools' event on Wednesday 29th August. To encourage you to make an Outreach Poster an extra-special prize will be awarded for the best one.

The preferred format for the posters is landscape A1 format: 594mm (height) x 841 mm (width).  Posters may be smaller, but please do not exceed this size!

If you cannot find a poster printer, you can make a poster on pieces of A4/Letter paper.  A1 is equivalent to 8 sheets of A4 paper.

If you are working on the same experiment as, or collaborating with, one of your fellow SUSSP students, we suggest you discuss your content with each other to avoid repetition.  Alternatively, you may wish to jointly produce a single poster.

Some ideas to get you going...

  • Use interesting pictures to attract people to start to read your poster!
  • Don't make your fonts too small
  • Add a picture of yourself and your institution's logo or your country's flag
  • For an Outreach Poster, can you explain particle physics in terms of something to do with Scotland or St Andrews? For example: golf or the Scottish flag.
  • Search Google images for pictures of St Andrews.

Images to download:

The Scottish Flag: saltire.jpg The School logo: SUSSP69 logo.JPG  


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