69th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics

St. Andrews
19th August - 1st September 2012



The detailed programme may be found on Indico by going to the following address



Distinguished Lecturers and Guest Speakers:

Sven Heinemeyer - Electroweak and theory (EWH)

Peter Maettig - Standard Model results (SM)

Glen Cowan - Statistical methods (Stat)

James Stirling - Quantum chromodynamics (QCD)

Bill Murray - Higgs results (Higgs)

Mike Seymour - Monte Carlo tools (MC)

Yuval Grossman - Heavy flavour physics (HF)

Tim Gershon - Flavour physics - experimental results (Flav)

Giacomo Cacciapaglia - BSM phenomenology and EWSB (BSM)

Jeffrey Richman - Searches for New Physics (NP)


Preliminary Format

The tables below show the preliminary format of the school. Lectures will be located in the Science buildings on the North Haugh.

Week 1:

  Sun ‚Äč19th Aug Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
0800-0900       BREAKFAST        
0900-1015   QCD1 QCD2 QCD3 SM1 SM2 Higgs2 Day trip
1015-1045       COFFEE       to
1045-1200   Stat1 Stat2 HF3 Stat3 Flav2 Flav3 Dunnottar
1230-1315       LUNCH       &
1315-1600   Private Study   Town tour & Private Study   Trip Glamis
1600-1630 Arrival TEA   Peter Higgs TEA   to OR
1630-1745   HF1 HF2 Lecture Flav1 Higgs1 Edinburgh Hillwalk
1830-1900 Welcome     DINNER     return  
1930-2100   Discussion Ceilidh Poster Session Discussion Discussion 2300  

Week 2:

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1st Sept.
0800-0900     BREAKFAST      
0900-1015 SM3 SM4 MC1 BSM2 BSM3 BSM4
1015-1045     COFFEE      
1045-1200 Higgs3 BSM1 EWH3 NP1 NP2 NP3
1230-1315     LUNCH      
1315-1600     Private Study      
1600-1630 TEA     TEA    
1630-1745 EWH1 EWH2   MC2 MC3 Depart
1830-1900     DINNER      
1930-2100 Discussion Whisky Tasting Public Lecture Discussion School Banquet  


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